How to set the default OS on a Windows Dual-Boot Computer

This requirement normally arises when you have two operating systems running on the same system and prefer to choose one over the other. Upon completion, the operating system shall automatically boot into your preferred operating system.

Take note that this article only works if you have multiple windows operating systems installed on your PC. Windows 10 offers 2 ways for you to set default OS on Windows Dual-Boot Computer.

From System Properties on Windows 10

One way to select an OS as the default in Windows 10 is by using the “System Properties” window.

To use this method, Open the “Run” box by pressing the Win+R combo on your keyboard and running the “SystemPropertiesAdvanced” cmdlet. “System Properties” window shall open, and you can proceed to click on “Settings” under the “Startup and Recovery” section.

Once the “Startup and Recovery” window opens, click the “Default Operating System” drop down menu and select the OS you want to make default. Once done, you click on OK at the bottom of the “Startup and Recovery” window. Click OK once again on the “System Properties” window.

And that shall be all. Your selected OS is not the default on your PC. Windows will automatically load this when you turn on your computer.

From System Configuration on Windows 10

Another way to set the default OS is by using the “System Configuration” tool.

Simply open up the start menu, and search for “System Configuration”. Then click on the tool under your search results.

On the “System Configuration” windows, click on the “Boot” tab.

In the “Boot” tab, select the OS that you want to make default. And then click on “Set as Default” button at the bottom of that window.

The “Default OS” label shall appear next to your selected OS. This indicates that you have successfully set the defauly OS.

Save your changes by clicking “Apply” and then “OK” and the bottom of “System Configuration” windows.

You shall get a system prompt asking to Reboot your PC. If you have open files or programs running, you can go ahead save and close the application, and proceed by clicking Restart.

You’re all set. Windows now knows your default OS.

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