Birthday Party

260521 – Planning for Wife’s Birthday

This has got to be one of the best events of the year. I enjoy and relish this part since I love my wife so very much. Without her, I wouldn’t have corrected the majority of wrongs that I was doing in my life and be the better me that I am today (more on this some other day). So I tend to put in a lot of effort in ensuring that the special moments that I share with her are even more special.

The Event

With the pandemic causing havoc around us, I decided that the best thing to do would be to persevere. I went ahead and looked for an event planner to assist me with the decoration and came across this company: Created with Love Events. I dealt with a lady by the name of Sheila who provided me with great assistance and a competitive quote for the event. Over and above, I felt that she understood what I required for this event and have gone ahead in acquiring her services. I shall follow up this blog with pictures of how well she performed on this.

The Cake

My wife is very specific when it comes to cakes, thus I remember her mentioning that she loves Wine Fruit Cake. So I embarked on my search for someone who could bake this cake for me. To my surprise, I came to find out that most of the popular patisseries around town weren’t even aware that this cake existed. That was until I bumped into Blackforest Cake House. They were eager to make the cake for me, and that too to the design I had requested for. I shall follow up on this blog with photos of how well they performed.

The Catering

Now that I was done with my event, as well as the cake, I got to the interesting bit which was the catering. My better half is a vegetarian and enjoys all good food. This was an easy choice for me since I have a background working in the hospitality industry and promptly called my Good Friend, Alfred Komu who is not only a great chef but also a fabulous person to be around. I would recommend him for catering any day and am sure he will not let you down. He promptly got the menu sorted for me, and provided me with a list of items that are required on the day so that he does what he is good at. Unfortunately, he does not have either a website or social presence for me to tag – honesty I do not understand why – but you are more than welcome to drop me a message so that I can provide you with his contacts.

I think I am covered with the basics and shall go ahead and call it a day with this specific post. I will follow up this post with some pics of the event as well as the selection of a gift which I am hoping shall help you on your day. Thank you very much for reading this post and shall catch you soon 🙂

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