Build a strong character

Five Ways to Build a Strong Character

Five Ways to Build Your Character

In order to build character in anything, you need to first notice what you are struggling with. If you are struggling with humility, find resources that can help you learn how to be more humble and practice. If you struggle with self-discipline, set goals and work towards accomplishing them in the right way.

Taking steps to build your character is no simple task. People notice those who do what is right over what is easy. It can be easy to slack off when nobody is looking and difficult to do what is right on a consistent basis.

Here are five ways to build your character:

  1. Be HumbleHumility is the beginning of wisdom. In order to build your character, you must be open to new ways.
  2. Live out your principles and values. Whether it’s “love others,” or ” do the right thing,” living by your principles will make decision making easier and your character more steadfast.
  3. Be intentionalIntegrity does not happen by accident. We are all products of our thoughts and habits. Be intentional about filling your mind with good thoughts. Create a habit of this internalizes principles and breeds high character.
  4. Practice self disciplineBeing of high character takes the ability to do what is right over what is easy.
  5. Be accountableSurround yourself with people who have high expectations. Be responsible for yourself first. Lose the pride. Open yourself up to accountability. Let others push you to high character.

Continue practicing these five tips to build your character. Realize what your shortcomings are and find different ways to improve yourself. Remember a lack of trust is your biggest expense and everything of value is built on trust.


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