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10 Online Free Tools to Scan Website Vulnerability

Scan your website, blog for security vulnerabilities, malware, trojans, viruses, and online threats

10 Online Free Tools to Scan Website Security Vulnerabilities & Malware

The common trend in the Tech world currently seems to be leaning towards security. Thousands of web vulnerabilities exist today and yet we pay attention to web design, SEO, content and yet we underestimate the security aspect. As a web site owner, security should be imperative.

I have provided 10 products to assess your web security for security vulnerabilities, malware and online threats:

  • Sucuri: Sucuri is by far the most popular free website malware and security scanner. You can run a quick check for malware, blacklisting status, injected spam and defacements by providing your website url. Sucuri can clean and protect your website from online threats and supports most common web programming languages.
  • Qualys: Qualys is essential to assess SSL/TLS configuration for your website. It provides a detailed analysis of your https: url. It is best practice to run this test after making any SSL/TLS changes to your website.
  • Quttera: Quterra checks your website for malware and vulnerabilities exploit. It scans your website for malicious files, suspicious files, potentially suspicious files, PhishTank, Safe Browsing, and Malware domain list.
  • Intruder: Intruder is a cloud based security scanner that finds weaknesses in the entire web application infrastructure. Its robust web application checks include: missing patches, misconfigurations, web application issues and cms issues.
  • Upguard: Upgrade is a risk assessment tool that uses publicly available information to assess website security.
  • SiteGuarding: Siteguarding provides a good generic report about your domain for malware, website blacklisting, injected spam, defacement and much more.
  • Observatory: Observatory was introduced by Mozilla, to provide a site owner with basic security elements.
  • Detectify: Detectify provides automated security and asset monitoring in order to detect more than 2000 vulnerabilities. It is supported by most ethical hackers.
  • Pentest-Tools: Pentest-Tools is a good website vulnerability scanner that scans for common web application vulnerabilities and server configuration issues.
  • Immuniweb: Immuniweb checks your domain for common vulnerabilities.

Most tools provide you with basic reporting with paid subscription to detailed report, or provide you with trial for the full product between 14-30 days. This can change over time as companies review their product/service offering offering.

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